01 February 2021 23:21 WIB

Stance Style With Ultra-High Performance Tyres

"Accelera PHI on 2012 Mercedes-Benz SLK200"

Accelera tires in Indonesia have received some special places. One of them is the stance community. Just like this Mercedes-Benz SLK which has a special place for Accelera.

The owner of this car, Vreegal Yundhan, just converted his SLK 200 to be a SLK 250 AMG at the beginning. The conversion includes the head and tail lights along with the grille. Meanwhile for the bumpers and side skirt, Vreegal has been inspired by the SLK 55 AMG.

This unique combination gives the SLK a sportier look without degrading the SLK value which is Sportlich (Sporty), Leicht (Light), and Kurz (Compact).

After all the bodywork, the undercarriage is next. The suspension has been swapped with a coil on bags system from Airforce and Accuair Endo CVT compressor to achieve maximum lowness.

In Indonesia, stance style modification is liked a lot. It requires an air suspension system to slam it down, and don’t forget a set of huge and wide wheels along with a low profile yet strong tire.

The wheel and tire combination on this SLK is a duet between a forged wheel and ultra-high performance tires.

The wheel is called SV2 forged Cedric type with a one of a kind design. It mashed between a Mesh and Y-design making it really tight at the center. This set specifically is a 18 inch with different width, 10 inch in the front, 11.5 inches in the back.

For the rubber on the wheel, a set of Accelera Phi has been trusted. The size itself is a 215/35ZR18 front and 255/30ZR18 rear.

Vreegal stated that, “I use Accelera Phi because it’s easy to obtain. With this size, it’s quite hard to get on other brands.”

He also stated that, “Accelera PHI is really comfortable to use on the road. I felt it myself on a long road trip from Jakarta-Semarang-Solo-Malang, and I experienced no trouble with this tire.” For context, that trip is 851 km long. 



Ban Accelera di Indonesia mendapatkan tempat salah satunya di komunitas stance car. Seperti halnya pada Mercedes-Benz SLK ini, Accelera mendapatkan tempat khusus.

Vreegal Yundhan pada awalnya mengubah SLK 200 menjadi SLK 250 AMG. Konversi ini terjadi pada lampu depan-belakang serta grille. Namun bumper depan-belakang dan side skirt justru terinspirasi SLK 55 AMG. 

Kombinasi-kombinasi ini menghasilkan penampilan yang lebih garang, tanpa menghilangkan jati diri SLK, yang diartikan sebagai Sportlich (sporty), Leicht (light) dan Kurz (compact).

Setelah itu, transformasi modifikasi dilanjutkan pada area undercarriage. Suspensi memakai Airforce lewat coilover bags dan dan kompresor AccuAir Endo CVT. Di Indonesia, modifikasi stance banyak digemari. Modalnya memakai suspensi udara agar bisa lebih ceper, dan jangan lupakan velg berdimensi besar dan ban tipis yang punya durability tinggi.  

Roda SLK ini merupakan duet velg forged dan ban ultra-high performance. Velgnya bernama SV2 Forged dengan tipe Cedric. Desainnya menarik. Gabungan mesh dan Y-design yang jatuhnya malah rapat pada center. Diameternya 18 inci dengan lebar berbeda, 10 inci di depan dan 11.5 inci di belakang. 

Sedangkan bannya, Accelera Phi. Ukurannya 215/35ZR18 dan 255/30ZR18. Vreegal mengungkapkan, "Saya pakai Accelera Phi karena mudah didapat. Dengan ukuran/profil yang dipakai saat ini, cenderung hampir sulit dicari di merek ban lain."

Vreegal kemudian menambahkan, "Accelera Phi enak dan nyaman dipakai di jalan raya. Saya rasakan sendiri dengan perjalanan jauh dari Jakarta-Semarang-Solo-Malang, dan aman tidak ada kendala untuk di bannya." Perlu diketahui, jarak tersebut menempuh 851 km.