16 July 2019 21:34 WIB

The Stylish Omikron

This year, Land Rover has reached its 70th year anniversary. Starting from the past until now, it still has the “same” model and charisma. The car also has a lot of loyal and fanatical fans, and in Indonesia, it’s no exception. It has a lot of fans within the country and great people of Indonesia have fallen in love due to the conservative design of the car.


Defender 90 as one of the lines from Land Rover has a four-wheel drive system, equipped with 2.4 litres 90kW diesel machine. It spouts 360-60 Nm torque, more than 2003 model. For mixed gas consumption, it is still the same with its precedence, which 1 litre gas per 10 kilometers for riding on the flat road. But, the CO2 emission of the car is degrading from 282 g/km to 266 g/km.

Its paint also shines like it used to be. It is sleek, even though it has been owned for 8 years. The owner, Mr. HS is really scrupulous on taking care of the car. You can find molds around the window, but it doesn’t wipe out its original green color. The rivets around its body are also lining up perfectly like it’s brand new from the auto shop.


This dashing car also needs a perfect couple for its wheels. It uses Boost rims with 16 x 7 inches size, OEM style in black matte color. What really fascinates us, its rims are using “plug n play” system, which is really easy to install. Even the cover installed on the rims are still using original one from Land Rover.


Whilst on its tire, Mr. HS uses Accelera Omikron for his Land Rover. These tires are perfect for any terrain, whether it’s on-road or off-road. It is capable to speed up on the highway without hesitation because it has two grooves with notches, which effectively cleanse hydroplaning from its tread area and maintain wet braking. But, its look is also able to increase its appeal on the off-road session, accelerate better on any curve road, and prevent irregular wear and tear.


Another dream part that #SPEEDnSTYLE really loves is the installment of Recaro seat. At first, the owner wants to use the “60th Anniversary” edition. But, it is quite overpriced, around IDR 100 million for a pair. Hence, this Land Rover is installed with Recaro SR7F KK100 without its anniversary emblem, which is still soft, tender, and the ups and downs are pretty good. For this part, it costs around IDR 40 million per pair, bought on its brand new condition.


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Tuning Parts:

16x7 inches rims, Accelera Omikron A/T 235/80R16 tire, Fox Racing shock breaker, Tough Dog RTC steering damper, Dastek Unichi QPlus engine management, Red Booster servo clutch, Recaro SR7F KK100 seat, Alpine CDA-9886M head unit, Alpine power, Alpine PXAH800 processor, Venture speakers, Denis AccouStic 4 inches midbass, Venture V50 midhigh, Rainbow 8 inches sub.