21 July 2021 04:40 WIB

Magnetic With Ultra-High Performance Tyres

"Accelera Phi on 2012 Mercedes-Benz SLK 250"

Indonesia has a lot of stance style modification.

In fact, this style of modification has been around in Indonesia since the 1990s. It's just that in its development, in the 2000s, the term negative camber or aggressive camber just emerged. 

Titian Rizki Andana's Mercedes-Benz SLK 250 also applies the stance style. Titian already likes the stance culture. For him, stance is magnetic. Easily attracts the attention of the public. Starting from the model and the size of the rim, the shape of the tyres that are attached, the degree of the camber, the lowness, and more. Moreover, Titian has a car that is not a common car. 

  To modify it, Titian goes to ASN Garage @asngarage. Where he requested 18-inch OZ Futura wheels with the width of 10.5 and 11-inch. The specifications were built from the beginning, through discussions with Agung SN, owner of ASN Garage.

OZ Futura model is very long lasting. Especially, with a touch of the latest details, the existence of OZ Futura can not be considered as old-school rims. This rim has a 3-piece construction with a double step lips structure. Moreover, the width of 10.5 and 11.5 inches is a width that is rarely used by many people. 

With such wide rims, Accelera tyres are able to be applied. Phi type with the size of 245/35ZR18 to be exact. Not only its strength, but the flexibility of the tires installed in the maxi size, making Accelera Phi trusted by Titian to be installed in his car. Accelera Phi's character is also known as a low rolling resistance and minimal noise tyre. 

The OZ Futura and Accelera Phi duet are paired with Airmax air suspension plus air management system from Air Lift Performance, and supported by a custom shockbreaker and custom camber kit by Laris Understeel.



"Accelera Phi on 2012 Mercedes-Benz SLK 250"

Indonesia memiliki banyak sekali mobil modifikasi stance. 

Sesungguhnya, modifikasi dengan gaya ini sudah ada di Indonesia sejak tahun 1990-an. Hanya saja pada perkembangannya, baru pada tahun 2000-an, apa yang disebut dengan camber negatif atau camber agresif baru muncul. 

Mercedes-Benz SLK 250 milik Titian Rizki Andana juga mengaplikasi gaya stance. Titian telanjur suka dengan aliran stance. Baginya, stance adalah magnetic. Mudah menarik perhatian publik. Mulai dari model dan ukuran velgnya, bentuk ban terpasang, derajat kemiringan roda, cepernya, dan banyak lagi. Apalagi Titian punya mobil yang memang bukan mobil umum. 

  Untuk memodifikasinya, Titian mendatangi ASN Garage @asngarage. Di sana direquest velg OZ Futura ring 18 dengan lebar belang, 10.5 dan 11.5 inci. Spesifikasinya dibangun sejak awal, lewat diskusi dengan Agung SN, pemilik ASN Garage.

Model OZ Futura ini sangat long lasting. Apalagi dengan sentuhan detail-detail yang kekinian, maka eksistensi OZ Futura tak bisa dianggap sebagai velg jadul. Velg ini mempunyai konstruksi 3-piece dengan struktur double step lips. Terlebih lebar 10.5 dan 11.5 inci merupakan lebar yang jarang dipakai orang banyak. 

Dengan kondisi selebar itu, ban Accelera ternyata mampu diaplikasi. Tipe Phi dengan ukuran 245/35ZR18. Bukan hanya kekuatannya, namun fleksibilitas ban dipasang di ukuran maksi, membuat Accelera Phi dipercaya Titian dipasang di mobilnya. Karakter Accelera Phi juga dikenal sebagai ban yang rendah rolling resistance dan minim bising. 

Duet OZ Futura dan Accelera Phi disandingkan dengan air suspension Airmax plus air management dari Air Lift Performance, dan ditopang custom shockbreaker dan custom camber kit by Laris Understeel.